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Addressing the under representation of men and women in various professions.

Equal Opportunities For All

At LeadWise, we are dedicated to promoting diversity and breaking down barriers work fields that are traditionally dominated by one gender. As a non-profit organization, our mission is to address the underrepresentation of men in nursing and teaching and women in technology. We believe that everyone should have equal opportunities to pursue their passions and achieve their goals, regardless of their gender.

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Melting Hand


Growing up, John faced doubts about his dream to become a nurse. It wasn't a typical path for men. But with unwavering determination, he sought support from LeadWise. Through mentorship, career guidance, and a supportive community, John gained the confidence and skills to excel in a field he was passionate about. Today, he's a respected nurse, inspiring others
to break free from stereotypes
and pursue their dreams, no
matter the profession.”

john's journey as men in nursing

From Skepticism To Success : Meet John, A LeadWise Success Story And A Trailblazing Nurse

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LeadWise Non-Profit is on a mission to address the underrepresentation of men in nursing and women in technology. We believe that diversity and inclusivity are essential for the success of any industry, and that is why we are committed to supporting and empowering individuals who are breaking stereotypes and pursuing their passions in these fields. Our organization offers customized resources and support to assist men in navigating the unique challenges of the nursing profession.

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Are you interested in making a positive impact?

Join our team of volunteers and let's work together to build a more inclusive and diverse community. Let's shape a brighter future for all.

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Imagine a world where everyone, regardless of gender, can pursue their passions and talents without limitations. Your donation to LeadWise makes that future a reality.


Break The Bias

We strongly believe in equal opportunities for all and are committed to making a difference. Join us in our campaign to break down and create a more inclusive world. Together, we can make a positive and inspire change.


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Maintaining transparency is a crucial aspect that LeadWise prioritizes.


LeadWise empowers women in tech and advocates for men in nursing, teaching,

and beyond.

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Women In Technology

Leadwise women in tech

Men In Teaching

  • 28% Representation: Despite growing interest, women remain underrepresented in technology field, highlighting the need to address systemic barriers and stereotypes.

  • 14 % Tech Leaders: Leadership in tech remains a male-dominated space, demonstrating the need for mentorship and opportunities to elevate women to top positions.

  • Venture Capital: Female-founded tech companies face significant obstacles securing funding, underscoring the importance of supporting female entrepreneurship and addressing investors biases.

empower men in nursing
  • 23% Overall Representation: Historically teaching has been viewed as a female dominated professions, leading to fewer male role models and hindering efforts to achieve gender balance in the field.

  • Elementary VS. Secondary: The underrepresentation of men is most pronounced in elementary education, highlighting the need to address societal stereotypes that discourage men from pursuing early childhood teaching careers.

  • Pre-K And Elementary Focus: The severe lack of male teachers in pre-K and kindergarten demonstrates the urgent need to break down barriers and provide positive representations of men as nurturing caregivers.

Men In Nursing

  • 12% Representation: Despite positive progress, men continue to be significantly underrepresented within the nursing profession, reflecting the impact of traditional gender roles and stereotypes

  • 59% Growth: The increasing number of men entering nursing is encouraging, but emphasizes the need to accelerate this trend and dismantle societal barriers discouraging men from pursuing healthcare careers.

  • Doubled Representation: Recent growth underscores the potential for positive change in the nursing workforce. Initiatives that actively support and encourage men in nursing play a crucial role in achieving gender balance.

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